About Werner Openshaw

I haven't swash buckled with pirates, nor have I swum the Midmar Mile. I haven't even been to Antarctica. But I have travelled to many far away places, created a lot of still and moving pictures for others and myself over the past 8 years. And I've made it my life's goal to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavor.

On a deserted island, I'd go insane without photography, film, music, my wife Jeanne and our family. Storytelling, creative innovation, and visual voodoo – no matter the medium – make my heart go thump thump; and sharing all this online with the world, plus as much of my professional experience I can muster, makes my soul sing. I can find humor in anything.

I haven't won a boatload of awards for my work yet, but I'm grateful for every single thing I've done. I was transparent long before it was hip to be so, and I believe deeply in teamwork, community, and collaboration. Let's be friends. Better yet, let's share the experience.